Sake-Pairing 8 Treasures & Ninki Sparkling J-Ginjo

8 Treasures

8 Treasures  - 8 Treasures

Recommended Sake-Pairing Ninki Sparkling J-Ginjo

Ninki Sparkling J-Ginjo

人気 Ninki Sparkling J-Ginjo

A bottle fermented sparkling sake. Its fruity bouquet and a charming sweet-and-sour taste make it a refreshing aperitif or pairing to fruity desserts.

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Sommelier André Macionga

Sommelier André Macionga

Since over 10 years he has been working together with Chef Tim Raue. He was awarded by the Gault Millau "Host of the year 2017" and as a sommelier and...

Restaurant Tim Raue

Restaurant Tim Raue

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