Sake Know-How

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At UENO GOURMET we are proud to present premium sake only. Therefore we generally recommend to enjoy our sake chilled. However there are moments and occaisons, to enjoy it warm. Some of the more flavorful sake that belong to the premium category of Ginjo, are loosing their fruity flavor, for example.
For high quality sake, the rice is polished before processing in order to obtain the highest possible proportion of the starch, which is concentrated in the centre of the sake rice grain. The smaller the rice polishing ratio, the finer and more aromatic the sake will be.
Good water makes good rice. Good rice makes good sake. Information about the Ingredients of Premium Sake.
Sake is brewed. The production is reminiscent of the production of beer. The alcohol content of sake is about 15%. In this respect and also by its taste variety sake but is most closely comparable with wine. Its brewing method is unique: In the Sake production, the transformation of rice found in sugar simultaneously with the alcoholic fermentation, while beer is brewed from malt already saccharified.
Recommendations for enjoying high-quality Sake: Aroma and flavor, harmony between food and sake, serving temperature...
The six classes of premium sake feature typical flavours and characteristics...