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We would like to give everyone interested in sake the opportunity to become a member of the UENO GOURMET Sake Club.
What is the best way to begin to discover the world of sake? This is the perfect question for beginners and it is as easy as it is difficult to answer: taste, taste, taste...
As a founding member, we support SAKE EMBASSY Germany and promote sake knowledge and appreciation.
Rich citrus aroma a fine bitterness
Maximilian Steiner wins the first sake pairing contest in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
Variety of terms Which name is best?
Be it a rosé-coloured Sake brewed with black rice or one with an aroma reminding you of Spring: Suited to the season, we have compiled a selection of Spring Sake for you. Enjoy the taste of Japanese spring in your cup. Kanpai 乾杯!
Enjoy sake in your restaurant and take a photo of it - #KanpaiBlueSky with a competition.
Exclusive Japanese wine tasting at the Consulate-General of Japan in Frankfurt
As the first Austrian national, Alexander Koblinger was awarded by "The Japan Sake Brewers Association Junior Council" on September 26th, 2018 with title SAKE SAMURAI.
In November 2017 we conducted an interview with Mr. Goto, the Tôji (master brewer) of the Katsuyama brewery
In June 2017 we conducted an interview with the Vide President of Fukuju brewery, Mr. Hironobu Kubota.
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