Warm sake, why and which one should you drink?

Since warm sake is a topic which we get asked about all the time, we figured we would share our knowledge on the subject with you!

1. Why drink warm sake?

Warm sake stimulates your senses and your soul. It feels soft on the palate and creates a relaxing sensation. Erikem Kaibara (1630-1714), a Japanese doctor, once said, “A warm sake is more nourishing than a cold one." Unfortunately, warm sake has a bad image since only industrial sake used to be served heated.

2. If you warm up sake, how does the taste change?

In general, the flavor opens up and it becomes richer and softer. The alcohol tastes drier and the sweetness and Umami become intensified. Bitterness and acidity, on the other hand, almost disappear.

3. How do you heat up sake?

The most traditional method of warming sake, which is also what we recommend, is to pour the sake into a heat resistant carafe and heat it up in a waterbacth to a temperature of  80 ° C for about 1-2 minutes. This should result in the sake becoming pleasantly warm without exceeding 50 ° C.

4. Which sake from our portfolio can one enjoy warm?

Full-bodied and less aromatic sake are ideal as a general rule of thumb, but on our homepage you can find specific recommendations to enjoy warm. Here are some guidelines for enjoying warm sake:

The temperature should not exceed 55 ° C. Somewhere between 40 ° C (called Nuru-Kan in Japan) and 50 ° C (called Atsu-Kan in Japan) is the best range for warm sake.

Find out what sake and which temperature and season suits you best to decide if you prefer to drink warm or cold sake.


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