Yuzu Spritz

Yuzu is an exotic citrus fruit from Japan, known for its unique taste and intense aroma. And when you combine Yuzu with sparkling soda, tonic, sparkling wine, or champagne, you get the perfect summer drink!

The Yuzu Spritz is so refreshing and invigorating. The first sip is like a flavor explosion on the tongue - sweet, sour, and simultaneously bubbly. It gives you the feeling of standing in the midst of a blooming citrus field.

What we especially like is the versatility of the Yuzu Spritz. You can enhance it with fresh mint, lime slices, or even a splash of gin. It's the perfect companion for social evenings with friends or relaxed afternoons in the garden.

So, if you want to try something new - Yuzu Spritz. You won't regret it!

Simple recipe:

5cl Yuzu Liqueur

As a filler - Tonic Water or sparkling wine

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