SEKIYA Black Large

Klarer und sauberer Sake mit Aromen von weißen Bergblüten. Auf der Zunge spürt man eine feine, klare und seidige Textur. Die milde Säure gibt dem Sake Struktur und leichte fruchtige Anklänge von Mango, Pfirsich und Ananas.

Sake Kategorie
local rice, 65% pol.
fish, seafood, vegetables
15% vol.
3-5 days

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ENTER.Sake is a boutique sake collection curated by musician and DJ Richie Hawtin. Richie has been exploring the world of sake for twenty years during his extensive trips to Japan. For the past three years, through his ENTER. events across the world, Richie has tirelessly promoted sake as a core part of the ENTER. experience. Every summer he creates ENTER. in Ibiza, Spain, complete with Europe’s largest sake bar stocked with special sakes not available anywhere else outside of Japan. Now ENTER.Sake is beginning a new phase to bring its sake collection to restaurants, bars, and wine stores across the USA and Europe.Alle ENTER.Sake Produkte

Sekiya Brewery, established 1864, is located in Kitashitara-gun located in a mountain valley pass in the Japanese Alps between Nagoya and Nagano. For hundred of years the town was a waypoint and resting place for travelers between the two cities. Sekiya Brewery was established because of the clean water from the mountains and the thirsty travelers crossing the mountains. Now it is a state-of-the-art sake brewery with a tasting room and sake-focused restaurant built out of an ancient farmhouse in town as well.

Kokuryu Brewery, established 1802, is located at the west coast of Japan in between the mountains and the Sea of Japan. It is famous for the soft water that filters down from the Haku mountains into the underground river called Kuzuryu – the Nine-Headed Dragon. It takes over one hundred years for the snow melt to seep through the mountain into the underground river. Kokuryu sakes have a deep, mellow taste which pairs perfectly with the local Fukui seafood specialties such as king Echizen Crab.

Fujioka Shuzo, established 1902, is an incredibly small brewery with the Fujioka-san personally overseeing each step of the labor and time intensive process to produce a truly handmade sake. In 2002, 5th generation Masaaki Fujioka re-opened the brewery establishing the new Sake brand “SOOKUU” aiming to brew a Sake with its taste reflecting a gentle clear blue sky. Fushimi is nationally known in Japan for its refined water that gives SOOKUU its distinctive silky taste.

Matsumoto Sake Brewing Co. Established 1791. With a venerable history dating back to the Edo era, Matusmoto is one of the oldest sake breweries in Kyoto and has been designated as a National Heritage site by the Japanese Government. They have been making only junmai-shu (sake with no added alcohol) at the same location for over two hundred years. The brand name “SHUHARI” comes from three distinct Japanese characters that relate to Matsumoto’s long legacy as a sake brewer: SHU – to protect their existing tradition, HA – to continue to break new ground in sake brewing, and finally RI – to separate and create a new taste of sake for the next generation.

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